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What is the Sustainable Lifestyle Challenge?
The SLC is comprised of 30 daily tasks that invite you to question your values, consider your impact and take action to build your ideal sustainable lifestyle.

How does it work?
Each day you will receive a video via email from yours truly that will ask you to take a specific action. The video will include tips on how to plan and effectively complete each task.

Can I participate if I’m on a budget?
The Challenge wont require you to spend any money above and beyond what you would already spend in your day-to-day life. Some tasks suggest acquiring items, but many of them you will have lying around the house or can buy very inexpensively.

Sustainable Lifestyle Challenge

Next challenge starts early 2017!


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We must take action. Small steps: recycling, shorter showers all the way up to changing the way we eat and reducing/eliminating animal farming…I love that this podcast talks about how we can take those steps.


I have learned a lot listening to Marjorie and her guests. They help remind us that our daily decisions have a greater impact than we realize. Great info for those who are environmentally conscious.


This podcast really opens your eyes and mind to living in a different way that can lessen the impact on our beautiful earth. Amazing and inspiring guest, great questions and thought provoking material to living a more sustainable life!

Nicole Matthesen

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